Laurel Carangelo

I am so thankful that both of my children got to benefit from Sow Well Tots. I cannot imagine a better place for them. Bessie creates a peaceful, reflective, honoring, creative, loving space. She knows how to bring out the best in kids: their empathy, their responsibility, their curiosity, their mindfulness, their sense of humor. They serve home cooked nutritious food. They make beautiful, simple art projects. They foster curiosity in nature. They engage children in sensory activities that calm and engage. As teachers, they are constantly taking classes, learning new methods and techniques, reflecting on their practices, and taking social justice issues into consideration. As director of the school, Bessie consistently communicates with clarity, compassion and integrity. I am a child therapist and I have been humbled by how much I have learned from Bessie’s astute, nonjudgmental observations of our children and her modeling. I have never encountered a daycare/preschool that I could recommend more. I give my highest possible recommendation. And lots of gratitude.